See a sample of our new interactive, web-based reports

Save significant time with new Repair Request Builder, a one-click method for compiling requests for sellers

We’re always looking for ways to simplify, cut-time and improve the home inspection process for realtors and our shared clients. Our new interactive, web-based reports and one-click repair addendum do just that.

About the new reports:

  • Reports are now web-based, meaning a link to view them in full is sent via email to the buying agent and buyers within an hour of the inspection, often faster. They’re easy to view on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • All pictures and videos can be viewed full-screen.
  • Long comments by the inspector are stored as expandable text so you can skim easily and avoid being overwhelmed by info.
  • Quick contact links are included so you can easily get in touch with the inspector to ask questions.
  • A traditional PDF version is available for clients who prefer that layout.

Sample Report

About the Repair Request Builder:

  • The tool is designed to allow agents to easily select items for negotiation.
  • Instead of retyping or copying info from the report, you can simply select an item and type what you propose the seller do, i.e. correction by contractor, money off, etc.
  • Once completed, the tool generates a downloadable PDF.
  • The tool significantly saves time vs. old school methods of separately generating a list of requests.

Watch this quick Repair Request Builder demo:

Sample Cover

Sample Report

We’re always looking for ways to improve the home inspection process for realtors and our shared clients. Our new interactive reports do just that.


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