Grand Home Inspection Now Offering Comprehensive Ghost Inspection

We are proud to announce that Grand Home Inspection LLC is adding ghost inspection services to our already extensive lineup of services.

Who Can See Your Report? Learn About Home Inspection Report Privacy.

Many buyers are afraid that the home inspection report that they booked and paid for will hurt them more than help. Learn why this is never true.

This Big Ticket Item Isn’t Just Shingles – Learn About Roof Structure

When most people think of getting a new roof, they think of new shingles, but there’s much more that needs to be considered when assessing roof condition.

Are Your Shingles Bonded? Even New Roofs Often Have This Defect

Many homes advertise new or newer roofs, but that doesn’t guarantee they will be free of defects. Learn how poorly bonded shingles can affect your roof.

Water in basement? Don’t waste money “waterproofing.”

Water is the number one destroyer of homes, so it’s important to correct water in basement as soon as possible. Learn how here.

Most Inspectors Miss Defects They Could Find by Investing in Professional Tools

There are no licensing requirements for home inspectors so anybody can claim to be one. Learn about professional tools that separate the best from the rest.

Bad Ventilation Can Make Your Attic Mold Paradise

Just as proper ventilation and insulation are required to regulate attic temperature, exhaust vents passing through must be configured to regulate moisture.

Does Your Home Contain the Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer?

This cause of lung cancer is not an addictive substance, there’s no associated peer pressure, and it would make for the world’s most boring family sitcom.

Don’t Risk Electrocution With a Missing Twistout

Learn what a missing twistout is and how it can be a hazard to children, electrocute unsuspecting pests, and leave you in the dark.